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@Rebeccamead_NYC: quick everyone I need more sunset pics
@lianamaeby: Hashtags are the cargo pants of the Internet.
@kellyoxford: What if we just all start a rumor that Twitter is over so we can stop doing this.
@JaredEng: I hate when you like all of someone’s @Tinder pics and then you look at their @instagram and then you’re all like UGH. 😆😆😆
@trevso_electric: Think your snaps disappear after you send them? Wrong. The Illuminati saves them and jerks off to them. All of them.
@juliussharpe: The major flaw in Twitter’s business plan is it assumes people are interesting.
@IamEnidColeslaw: every time a bell rings, an angel takes a selfie
@badbanana: “People love our app because it’s so simple. Now that it’s so popular, we should add a million features.”
@ohrnberger: The “continue reading” tab on Facebook posts should just be an unfriend button.
@lianamaeby: The new Twitter layout makes it look like each of us is writing a stream of really shitty, unnerving cookie fortunes.