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@WendyMolyneux: Having the Twitter egg as your avatar is the ultimate Norm Core.
@RobertDowneyJr: Loving all the love, folks. It’s been a blast. Though can somebody please explain how anyone can keep their thoughts to 140 characters or le
@gregorybehrendt: Life is short so let’s waste it together here on twitter.
@campsucks: You haven’t faved me in a while, is everything okay?
@juliussharpe: All the good tweets have already been done. Twitter is now figure skating, with everyone doing the same tricks, then waiting for ratings.
@birbigs: Faves are not endorsements, just mini high fives.

@hayes_macarthur: My new profile pic screams “missing hiker”

@Sarah_Helenn: That moment when I recognize someone on Tinder from my twitter. 😳
@campsucks: I’m not sure if I need to know who retweeted my retweet.
@TheBiggIdea: Best ways to show you know celebs:
1. Plug book using “my friend”
2. @ reply them an inside joke
3. Post pic w them saying “Normal Thurs”