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@sofifii: My phone is clearly obsessed with Tom Hanks because it keeps correcting Thank you to hanks you. Also, that means I use thank you lots!
@sofifii: I just unfollowed Ludacris because I don’t know why I was following him
@sofifii: I just want everyone I love to go to the dermatologist.
@sofifii: Babysitting is the ultimate startup company!
@sofifii: I’m not afraid to go deep into your timeline and favorite some stuff from weeks ago. I commit to my obsessions
@sofifii: I think we need to demand as a culture 5 emails max regarding the same subject anything over you get murdered anything under you get candy
@sofifii: Text me when you get a life
@sofifii: Sometimes I get excited for the Instagram sunset pictures more than the actual sunset.
@sofifii: I could name like a hundred people fresher than your clique.
@sofifii: I’m ready for everyone to move on from cupcakes.