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@sofifii: I think we need to demand as a culture 5 emails max regarding the same subject anything over you get murdered anything under you get candy
@sofifii: Text me when you get a life
@sofifii: Sometimes I get excited for the Instagram sunset pictures more than the actual sunset.
@sofifii: I could name like a hundred people fresher than your clique.
@sofifii: I’m ready for everyone to move on from cupcakes.
@sofifii: You can only favorite two tweets from the same person in one day without them having to get a restraining order.
@sofifii: If you really love someone you have to always remember their middle name.
@sofifii: The meanest thing you could say to me is “I hope your phone battery dies.”
@sofifii: Why is everyone so afraid of people sending snapchats? The real fear should be people sending screen grabs of their texts.
@sofifii: I’m 100% sure that I would rather give someone my ATM PIN number than my iPhone password.