Where no one Follows Fridays.
@robdelaney: If you listen closely you can hear Jesus crying every time you put on a condom.
@JoelMadden: Never give up on your dreams
@campsucks: I wish every interaction on earth could work like Uber.
@ERINJEEN: I only get along with passionate people
@UberFacts: Couples who live together before engagement have higher divorce rates than those who wait.
@tinatbh: Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
@GaryJanetti: Sometimes I just want to have a quiet dinner with my phone.
@charstarlene: FYI the worst thing you could ever say when you couldn’t possibly get it is “I get it”
@amyodell: Watching the Emmys red carpet and wondering what Blue Ivy is doing right now.

@kellyoxford: 10 yr old “These girls Fifth Harmony? Why are they singing about Obama?”

13 yr old “they aren’t singing.”

5 yr old “are they Kardashians?”